CBDStreetshop.com is an online store offering products based on CBD, natural or derived from this active ingredient.

At CBDStreet, we want to offer you the best CBD-based products from the most passionate and passionate French and European hemp makers in the quality of their products. Some time ago we contacted them to get to know them better and better understand their production methods. Our partner producers are geared towards environmentally friendly organic farming and their customers. Their products seduced us and we wanted to set up a website to allow you to access the best products while supporting the European and French hemp industry.

You find on our blog many articles explaining you what is the CBD, these methods of consumption, of obtaining or extraction ... By the way, did you know that the French industry of the hemp was the second world?

CBDStreet is a French commercial site offering natural CBD-based products, such as ready-to-use infusions and CBD oils. Some of our derivatives (requiring a manipulation of the raw product) such as oils are not yet manufactured in France but come from Switzerland or Spain. You will find the details of our products on our website.

Hemp and especially CBD provide a calming effect, it is also a source of cannabinoids, antioxidants, magnesium and iron.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at contact@cbdstreetshop.com, or directly via our contact form. We wish you a good discovery and a good visit.

The entire CBDStreet team wishes you a good visit and hopes to introduce you to its quality products.

Our products are not prohibited for sale in France. Our hops come from varieties authorized by the European Union, are composed of a THC rate lower than 0,2% thus do not provoke any psychoactive effect and have no incidence on the behavior. Our products are prohibited for sale to minors under 18 years of age.

The young company CBDStreet is managed from Bordeaux, it was born in 2018.

SIRET number 838 335 487 00016 - Bremont Street - 33800 Bordeaux