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Couple Pack - Cosmetics 100% ORGANIC

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Well-being is also shared by two!

Find in this pack Couple all our range of cosmetics 100% Bio to enjoy the benefits of hemp on your skin ... In Couple!

This pack contains

Cire à barbe aux huiles de chanvre, Ricin et Argan | CBDStreet
Beard wax
x 1
Huile à barbe aux huiles nutritives | CBDStreet
Beard oil
x 1
Sérum après-rasage | CBDStreet
Aftershave serum with repairing and protective oils
x 1
Crème pour les mains - Rose | CBDStreet
Hand Cream - Rose
x 1
Crème pour les mains à l'huile de chanvre et fleur d'oranger | CBDStreet
Hand cream - Orange Blossom
x 1
Beurre de chanvre | CBDStreet
Hemp butter
x 1
Essence de jeunesse aux huiles rare et précieuse| CBDStreet
Youth Essence
x 1
Savon à l'huile de Chanvre | CBDStreet
Hemp oil soap
x 1


This Couple Pack contains: Pack Man + Pack Woman

  • A beard wax with hemp, castor oil and argan oils.
  • A beard oil with nourishing oils.
  • Aftershave serum with repairing and protective oils.
  • A hand cream with hemp oil and orange blossom.
  • A hand cream with hemp oil and rose petals.
  • A soap with hemp oil.
  • A hemp butter.
  • A youthful essence with rare and precious oils.

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